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I’m used to deja vu and thinking things before they happen, but over the past four weeks or so, it’s gotten so much more frequent. I’m lucid dreaming again, like before. I actually had a dream about my friend’s dad the other night. He had two blonde twin boys with him and was trying to protect them through the duration of the dream. I found out when I mentioned the dream to my friend, that he was supposed to have a brother not too far from his age, but the brother had died. 

I’ve been hearing customers at work ordering before they even come into the store. Everything I see seems like it’s happened once or twice before. I can feel the shift happening. It’s doing a number on my head and structure. Flash migraines have been showing up, as well as back and shoulder pain like no other. I get distracted by things easily and I don’t like being touched lately. Everything is heightened and my senses are going insane.

When too many people talk at once, or if there are too many people in one room, I feel like I’m choking. My clothing can’t be up around my neck, or I freak out. I’m also finding myself cutting ties more often from the things that I once thought that I couldn’t live without. I’m waking up, I can feel it. Too many realizations for my new brain. 

I’m sure a lot of you can feel it, too. We’re nearing the Final Shift. Only a few years now. Things will be different very soon. A New Age of enlightenment. Lost treasures will be found, new protests and movements will spring up everywhere. Religions and institutions will be questioned. The Vatican will be quick to cover anything mysterious that will be revealed. The biggest surprise is coming soon. All questions will be answered.

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